Air condition Diagnostics

BMW & MINI Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Servicing

The air conditioning system in your vehicle will require service and maintenance over its lifetime. We are registered and have considerable BMW & MINI knowledge to maintain and repair your air conditioning system. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system be serviced every 24 months.

Complete Aircon Diagnostics and Servicing

If the aircon isn’t working or doesn’t seem to be working properly our diagnostics team will investigate it for you.

We recognise the importance of good quality air conditioning in making your life on the road more comfortable. BMW´s in particular have quite an advanced system of air conditioning and keeping it maintained is critical to avoiding expensive repairs in the future.

We offer a full air conditioning service and repair facility here at BMW Mini Services.

We can quickly identify any air conditioning problem such as:

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to solve issues with your air conditioning for a wide range of BMW & MINI models. This allows us to not only service and re-gas any system, but also enables us to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently. Our technician will talk you through the problem/s and will only replace necessary items.

Air Con Recharge and Service

R1234YF Regas and R134A Regas

R134A is a refrigerant that is still used in older cars and models that have not been updated since 2017. Because R1234YF is not a retrofit option for these vehicles, R134a refrigerant is still necessary for top-ups or re-gassing.

BMW Mini Services is equipped to service your car’s aircon with either R134A or R1234YF refrigerant. If you do not know what gas your car’s system is using, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

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